Merritt took her first international trip, to Paris, at the age of three, and for most of her childhood she could be found clutching to a toy airplane. Born and raised in the United States, she’s spent nearly twenty years traveling the world to remote locations in places like India, New Zealand and Myanmar. But her bucket list trip resides in Africa. She has ten years of marketing experience, and upon moving to San Francisco five years ago, she fell in love with all things design. Erroguide began out of a yearning for creativity, and a passion for hospitality design and travel.





When you prioritize the human needs within a space, design can have a profound impact.
— Ilse Crawford

As a contributor to erroguide, Ocelia Hudson is able to combine her background in advertising with her deep love for luxury travel. She is known for her unique ability to make beautiful destinations feel both exclusive and approachable for our community of wanderlusters looking to travel by design. She aims to engage our community while highlighting a destination's most compelling qualities. As a lifestyle blogger at hudson & gray, Ocelia's aesthetic consideration invariably results in her finding ways to bring her travels home. Whether that is a chat with the hotel's bartender to highlight their signature cocktail or curating a design post entrirely inspired by the lobby's decor, she has a knack for making our followers want to visit the places she loves.




I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.
— Susan Sontag

Shadi Farahi is a photographer, journalist, and freelance marketer. From a young age, she has found it hard to sit still. Born and raised in Reno, she has lived in New York City, Nashville, Tel Aviv, and now, San Francisco. As a former think tank researcher, she puts her research skills to good use by finding local hidden gems...namely food. When Shadi isn't traveling with erroguide, she is interviewing trailblazing women in tech for her series The Forefront. She loves passport stamps and local coffee shops.




So much of who we are is where we have been.
— William Langewiesche

A Swedish girl, born in California & living in Virginia, Juliet Bryant didn't find "home" until she met her love, and now husband. Together they love to travel everywhere they can, and believe that travel is the best way to get to know yourself and the people you love. A few of her favorite things include early mornings & drinking espresso on the patio, kisses in the sunshine, seeing new places, good conversations around candle lit dinners, swimming in the sea, and photographing people in love (which also happens to be her profession!). You kind find more of her photography work at



Happiness is a journey, not a destination.

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Alicia Pettit

Alicia loves to explore by walking around places that she visits, her Uber use is minimal since her feet are more durable.

She's the blogger behind Liptologist, which was thought of when she was in college studying a cardiovascular invasive specialty, where she wore lipstick to clinical everyday.  Her soul needed a creative outlet to express her artistic side naturally.

What resulted was a blog where the form of fashion and travel is an art. It’s not about who your wearing or where your going tomorrow but more the essence of “how” will you travel and “how” will you wear that dress. 

There’s so much beauty waiting outside your doorstep and all you need to do is walk around to notice it.



Hanna Louise Leila

Hanna is a part time nurse, part time traveler and full time dreamer of her next destination. She loves taking photos and sharing them on her stellar Instagram account Solar Powered Blonde! Hanna is from London but loves traveling to new places. She can never stop planning her next trip, and must have a trip booked for each month of the year! 

She has a particular interest in architecture and loves discovering hidden gems. She just hopes one day her dream of travelling full time can come true!

Charlotte Lint

Charlotte got into blogging and the whole instagram game pretty recently. She has always loved to take photos during her travels but it wasn’t until recently that she wanted to share all of this with the world on a higher level.

When she is home she works full time as a pediatric dentist and now tries to combine this job with as much traveling as possible. A lot of time this results in short trips packed with an enormous itinerary. But she's always loved to plan, and doesn't mind it!

She wants to take you on a journey with her and along the way wants to hand out as many tips as possible. She believes sharing is such an important part of this community. This is why she created her blog, Charlies Wanderings, to give people detailed information and to show that it is possible to travel a lot while working hard at home.




Courtney Fitzpatrick

Courtney is the travel blogger behind The Fernweh State. Having traveled to over 30 countries Courtney very much connects to the translation of Fernweh (fern-way) which means to feel at home wherever you are in the world or the opposite of homesickness. Born and raised in Toronto, Canada - Courtney continues to explore the world while finding new ways to create passion driven content that she hopes will inspire others to seek adventure in their daily lives. You can find her playing around on google maps and planning precise itineraries (that never go as planned) for her next destination.

victoria lazarou

A Greek - American citizen of the universe with a strong passion to see the world and help others. Victoria is a curious human, inspired by people and new places. She is a love activist, humanitarian, and full-time nomad. Victoria's extensive background in advertising and marketing has allowed her to continue to pursue her dreams and continuously inspire people to experience new places.

Victoria is the writer behind Cultivated Connections - a blog globally inspired by adventuring out of comfort zones, a good tasting menu, and passionate/cultured individuals. Victoria thrives in environments where she can help people market their importance and make an effective difference in reaching success through passions.