stowe city guide


Since my fiance’s family is deeply rooted in this city, Stowe has a special place in my heart. I try hard to bring a locals perspective to the erroguide city guides, and with Stowe I can truly say these are all locals spots! Unlike Killington, which tends to be overrun by New Yorkers on the weekends, Stowe is a quieter and more sophisticated ski town. A great Autumn destination as well, it is a quintessential Vermont town with plenty of leaf peeping to be had.

A white church steeple towers over the center of the quaint colonial town.  With the original town hall and Shaw’s General Store still intact, Stowe prides itself on it’s history and old world charm. As of recently though, the city has found itself ripe with new hotels and restaurants. And with the construction of the new Stowe Mountain Resort finalized, the ski town is bound to see more visitors skiing the wide variety of terrain offered. Snowshoeing and sleigh riding are also must-do winter activities for any couples looking for a little romance.

In Autumn, there is absolutely no better place for leaf peeping than Vermont. With its proximity between Burlington and Woodstock, Stowe is centrally located, making it a perfect town for day trips throughout Vermont to see the stunning Autumn colors you cannot find anywhere else in the country. Mount Mansfield is the highest peak in Vermont, and just so happens to be in Stowe, so regardless of whether you ski or not, don’t miss the stunning views of this beautiful American state.


Celebrate Stowe's history with The Stowehof, an inn dating back to 1945, and secluded on a mountain hilltop adjacent Wiessner Woods. The reclaimed hand-hewed beams were progressive for the 1950s, and was derived from the owners love of architecture during his leave with the U.S Navy in Austria during WWII.  

The entrance and lobby are the highlight of The Stowehof, while the rooms could use a modern update. 

Other spots to consider if you are interested in more modern accommodations... Field Guide and Edson Hill Inn are both luxe in their own unique ways.

Edson Hill is more upscale and plush, while Field Guide is more modern for your high-end ski bum! 



This is where Stowe has made major improvements! So many new restaurants have come to town, simplistic in design, and delectable in taste. 

But first, I have to mention Stowe Mercantile's candy kitchen! An adorable take on an old school candy kitchen, this shop has everything from fudge, Vermont Maple Syrup, chocolate covered pretzels, and traditional candies that have been around for centuries! Who needs dinner, when you can have dessert?

It wouldn't be a ski town without a fondue spot. Try Swiss Fondue by Heinz in an brightly lit yellow building in the city center. Vermont cheddar is where its at!

Cork Wine Bar & Market is minimally decorated, yet still comfortable enough to sip on a glass of vino post hiking or skiing. For some grub, head over to PLATE for their "messy" burger... complete with Vermont Cheddar cheese.. duh!

The Bench, which is also a great spot in town, especially if you're a beer lover. The inside is rustic, and they offer up East Coast style wood-fired pizzas. 

Lastly, I can't write a Stowe city guide without including Matterhorn, the ultimate Apre ski spot with a totally unconventional menu. They serve everything from pizza, to sushi...Yep! Sushi! And it's actually good! Drink like a local, after hitting the slopes, or visit a little later in the night for some live music. 



I'll be honest, my number one priority when I'm in Stowe is typically family and skiing (not always in that order, ha!). Just this past December we snuck out to really see the town of Stowe and all it had to offer. 

There is so much more to this town than skiing, but if you are a skier, its totally worth checking out the Vermont Ski Museum. Situated in the sweetest little white chapel in the center of town, it holds a lot of history on skiers and the founding of various Vermont ski areas!

Another place, not to be missed, is The von Trapp Family Lodge. This lodge is reminiscent of the family's home in Austria, and they began welcoming guests in the 1950s after touring the United States as the Trapp Family Singers. Sound familiar? Yes! The Sound of Music was based off of this very place, and if you are anything like me, it was your favorite movie as a child! While they didn't do this in the movie, they're known for it in real life... their epic cross-country ski tour!

Art galleries flood the streets of Stowe, and rightfully so. Keep an eye out for native-Vermont painters and glassblowers!

Lastly, and most important, as this is one of my favorite activities near Stowe... The Ben & Jerry's Factory!! Ice cream for days!! The factory tour is totally awesome, and so iconic to Vermont that even Vermonters have gone. Plus you get free ice cream!