Where the Beer Flows like Wine: Wildwood Snowmass

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Stereotypically speaking, Aspen was built for the wealthy.

The medium home price is somewhere between five and ten million dollars, the average hotel costs somewhere between five hundred and a couple thousand dollars a night (unless you’re like me, and decide to go during the XGames, then it’s considerably more), and flying in on a private jet is a sure sign you’ll be invited to all the swanky parties.

But when you’re a ski bum, the last thing you care about is status.

Wildwood Snowmass to the rescue!!

Ok, it’s actually the Holiday Inn Express now. However, for the sake of keeping this reclaimed 1960s ski lodge true to its roots, we’ll continue to call it Wildwood. 

We can thank Reunion Goods & Services for their creativity in developing a new identity to this property. They literally had their hands in everything from interior design, brand identity, custom furniture, hotel collateral and exterior signage.

They brought in outside designers to collaborate on various architectural elements, like the structural column in the lobby designed with Ryan Cox and Scout Regalia, the orange Eddy Rocker rocky chair by DucDuc, and the cardboard deer head. 

Artist Wayne White is responsible for the artwork in the guest rooms. He paints words and imagery into vintage lithographs, and created original work for the Wildwood, which fittingly reads ‘Look out the Window’. 

And of course, the Wildwood wouldn’t be the Wildwood without old-school skis and a couple ski chairs. 

The motel is literally steps away from Snowmass Mountain, which happens to be larger than Aspen, Buttermilk and Highlands combined. While the nightlife in Snowmass may be a little dull compared to the town of Aspen, the buses to town are free and come and go frequently. 

Luckily, the buses aren’t the only free things. The XGames, which will be hosted in Aspen next year as well, are also free. If you love extreme sports and music, I’d say it’s a festival worth going to at least once. 

The Wildwood Snowmass was the perfect location to continue the party post-XGames. It’s also quite possibly the last standing ski bum paradise in the Aspen area.

Unfortunately, it’s pretty clear that Holiday Inn isn’t trying too hard to upkeep the Wildwood brand and image that Reunion Goods & Services originally set out to create.

There used to be a funky Wildwood branded van for guests’ use, which has now been replaced by neighboring property’s van, the Westin. While the rooms were fairly clean, it’d be a shame if the unique set of furniture and trinkets that make up the lobby continued to be disheveled.

But most importantly, it would be a shame if the Holiday Inn ruined the vibe. 


Weed is legal in Colorado...in case you weren't aware. 


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