Adventure Never Looked So Good: Wanderlust Hotel, Singapore

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While the name may seem cliché, it perfectly describes the feelings that will encompass anyone traveling through Singapore. The country’s juxtaposition to nearly every Asian country will leave you wanting to take off on a never ending expedition.

But in the meantime, Wanderlust Hotel situated in Little Italy, will likely have you wanderlusting all over their hotel!

With four floors, each with it’s own personality, you’re likely to galavant through each one regardless of where your room is. If you’re like me, your sense of adventure will be inspired by the uniquely crafted guestrooms.

The Wanderlust hotel commissioned four Singapore-based design firms, Asylum, Phunk Studio, fFurious and DP Architects, to design the individual floors differently. I had the luxury of sleeping on the DP Architects floor, I deemed it my little play-land!

The gothic hallway was lined in red lettering, a complete contrast to the stark white 3D guestrooms. Although dizzying at first, the pop-art room was rather magical. When I woke up I felt as though I’d come straight out of a fairytale, one filled with travel and romance. The wall to the bathroom was abstract, giving the illusion the room was larger than it actually is, but the stenciled art installation kept me occupied for days.

This floor also had a series of ‘Oragami’ rooms, stark white, but with wall folds housing a lighting system for guests to choose what color they’d like their room to be lit.

Possibly my favorite floor, since I’m a fan of neon lights and musical artists, was the Pantone rooms designed by Phunk Studio.

The ‘eccentric’ rooms touched on every color of the rainbow. From the green room with neon light that states “green is the color of Pink Floyd,” to the blue room with a neon light, “blue monday, new order,” they were all waiting for a party to take place inside!

The Pantone Deluxe rooms pay homage to the Beatles “Yellow Submarine” with bright yellow walls and a vintage cast-iron bathtub. Next time you can find me staying here!

Lastly, the fFurious suites on the top floor were straight out of a kids movie complete with monsters and aliens. Most beds lofted above the living area, in some cases by a giant rocketship or whimsical creature, these are the largest rooms in the Wanderlust Hotel. They are also perfectly situated next to the rooftop lounge and hot tub.

It may seem that such an alternatively designed hotel would be rather uncomfortable, but it shockingly was not. It was the perfect spot to escape the Singapore heat and humidity!

The industrial glam of the lobby, designed by Chris Lee & Cara Ang of Asylum, is the perfect place for a cocktail while admiring the montage of vintage prints, refurbished hair salon lounges, and dental lighting throughout.

The Wanderlust Hotel in Singapore will leave you with a nagging desire to seek adventure in the most unique ways!


Maybe needless to say.. but, if you're here for more than one night I suggest requesting a different room each night. 

Also, don't skip the hotel restaurant, it's worth trying and the breakfast is declisious!


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