Mountain Luxury for a Week: St. Julien Hotel & Spa, Boulder

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I have a sweet spot in my heart for Boulder. I've never lived their, but it's always been a place I've wanted to live. I originally wanted to attend college at CU Boulder, but ended up going to school on the east coast instead. With nearly 30,000 college students living at CU Boulder most of the year, Boulder itself is very much a college town.

That being said, when families visit their sons and daughters at college they need a nice place to stay... and as I reminisce about my college years (unfortunately, not at Boulder) I too needed a lovely place to rest my head! St. Julien Hotel & Spa is the one and only luxury hotel in Boulder, and I recently had the chance to spend a week with them.

Minutes from the center of campus, and just off Pearl Street in the center of Boulder, St. Julien Hotel & Spa is a member of the prestigious Preferred Hotels & Resorts Worldwide. It boasts spacious rooms, a stellar restaurant, a lobby with a roaring fire for the cold nights, a best-in-class spa and live music on the reg.

What takes this beautiful and luxurious mountain resort to the next level is its attention to details. Upon arrival I was greeted as though I was a local. A neighbor just dropping by. Everyone was happy to spark up a conversation to hear where I was from, what I was doing in Boulder and the activities I had planned for the week.

My favorite detail of all was being asked my choice in newspapers, so it could be dropped off at my room first thing in the morning. Although it is a small detail, it's a detail that is rarely done in newer boutique hotels.

Call me an old-fogey, but breakfast in bed with today's paper is one of my favorite things.

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Acting like queen of the castle with my newspaper & breakfast in bed.

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The lobby turns into a lounge around happy hour, and has a lovely grand piano that gets used on occasions. Sip on a cocktail by the fire with some tunes. Boulder is all about live music!

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Be sure to chat with the concierge desk when you arrive. They have a ton of recommendations on outdoor activites and will put you in touch with the best hiking, climbing or adventure guides in Boulder. 

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↟↟↟ design

↟↟↟↟ comfort

↟↟↟↟ spa

↟↟↟ restaurant

↟↟↟↟↟ concierge

so, you say you want to go?...

☎ 720.406.9696

✈ 900 Walnut Street, Boulder, CO