Winter is Coming...or Maybe it's Already Here: The Cedar House Sport Hotel

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Privately owned and operated by Jeff and Patty Baird, The Cedar House Sport Hotel is derived from the Baird’s early life experiences traveling to family owned and operated chalets in the European Alps. 

The couple originally sought out to open a hostel-like hotel back in the 1980s, but the area began attracting a larger affluent clientele (possibly due to San Francisco’s tech scene), that they ended up opening this chic hotel in 2006.

Prior to building and operating the hotel, they owned a construction design firm, and are solely responsible for the interior design of The Cedar House Sport Hotel.   

Patty’s passion for the property is palpable. She explains it is so much more than just a hotel, “it also has an underlying theme of finding balance. I believe that technology has changed the way humans behave and communicate to one another. Technology is not going away – so there needs to be a way to balance technology overload, and for me, that balance is found in the wilderness.”

I’m sure many of their guests traveling from San Francisco would agree with her, I know I certainly do, and The Cedar House Sport Hotel offers a perfect environment for anyone to practice that balance. 

Less than a mile from downtown Truckee, and about a twenty-five minute drive from Squaw Valley Ski Resort, The Cedar House Sport Hotel boasts a design fused from unrefined and recycled materials.

Designed with architect Ken Meffan of Rough and Ready, the eco hotel is a Leed certified green building, using raw materials that successfully blend into the natural setting of the mountains around it.

A green growing, wildflower covered roof welcomes guests into the lobby, and sustainably harvested rough sawn local wood and raw steel materials are found inside and outside of the hotel. 

The best part is that they don’t skimp on luxury. The cozy yet modern rooms are complete with lush robes, modern platform beds designed by Normand Couture and bedding from Germany (the same bedding used in the European Alps of Switzerland and Austria).

The hotel staff even sets up a fluffy doggy bed with treats if you plan to bring your furry friend. 

The room’s countertops are made from recycled paper, and there is low-flow plumbing and in-room recycling. 

The lobby is ultra modern, but fitted with the utmost comfort and warmth. The furniture was also designed by Normand Couture, and is complete with lush pillows from Bay Area designer, Jeanne Feldkamp. Staying true to the green footprint, the pillows were made from the scraps of Feldkamp’s clothing line.

The lobby chandelier is Tech Lighting, while the bent plywood coffee table is Offi.

The Cedar House Sport Hotel tests the boundaries of indoors and outdoors, and forces guests into the wilderness through impeccable design. Ironically, the Baird’s hotel is going through a remodeling stage, as the hotel is nearly ten years old. However, I am positive that despite the interior design, the building alone will continue to lure guests to practice balance against busy everyday lives.



The Baird’s run T3 Adventure, The Cedar House Sport Hotel’s signature adventure concierge program sure to show you all that Lake Tahoe has to offer. The hotel also houses one of the best restaurants in town, Stella, but is only open for pop up dinners. You can check the schedule here.



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