Hipsters Unite in the Wild West: Anvil Hotel, Jackson Hole

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Turning rundown motels into renovated trendy boutique hotels has become a hospitality trend over the last few years, and the Anvil Hotel in Jackson, Wyoming is no exception. Thanks to Studio Tack this 1950’s motel received a facelift just about a year ago, and they’ve managed to bring a hipster-inspired vibe to the middle of Wyoming.

As I pulled up I realized I had actually visited this motel years ago, still under the name Anvil Hotel, except it was bright red and rundown. With different owners and Studio Tack’s magic touch, the Anvil Hotel has been perfectly incorporated into the local culture and it’s picturesque Teton backdrop.

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The lobby interior is warm with dark wood from floor to ceiling, and touches of florals in cushions and wallpaper. With the wood-burning stove blazing I checked into my room and ordered a Snake River Roasting Company coffee. The checkin counter doubles as a cafe, and the lobby boasts shelves of goodies-for-purchase from outdoor brand Westerlind.

There’s a ton of merchandise with Wyoming written on it, but there’s also shirts and hats with “WOY” written on it. I went nearly a week at the Anvil wondering what the heck “WOY” was until I finally asked!  

Apparently the designers of the merchandise shipped misspelled apparel and in Anvil Hotel-style they kept it because it was a damn good story.

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The lobby is definitely where it’s at! Spiked hot chocolate offered apre ski everyday, wine tastings and live music on Friday nights you’re sure to meet some like-minded skier and travelers posting up at the Anvil Hotel.

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The rooms are modern and minimal just as we like them! Studio Tack collaborated with Charles P. Rogers on the metal beds which are covered with Woolrich blankets. The contemporary benches are by Tretiak Works and the side tables are by Hedge House. With C.O. Bigelow bath products we’ve hit the hipster jackpot!

The amenities really make the rooms feel like an upgrade from a motel-style stay. My favorite part being the mini bar which features only the best of the best, like Rowdy Mermaid Kombucha, Moon Juice beauty dust and Honey Mama's cacao-nectar bars. I ate it all and then I asked for more!

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For a town with either high-priced five star hotels, or dirt cheap motels, the Anvil Hotel is a breath of fresh air for tourists visiting the charming town. The staff is exceptional and accommodating, they’re not only there to make you coffee, check you in, and tell you about the Anvil Explorer Program, but to chat ‘living the life’ in one of the country’s best ski towns.

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Just behind the Anvil Hotel is the hotel restaurant, Glorietta Trattoria, named after nearby Mount Glory. The restaurant boasts a seasonal menu always complete with handmade pasta and wood-fired dishes. Their cocktails are literally the best in town, crafted by NYC’s Death & Company, and named after ski runs on Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.

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☎ 307.733.3668

✈ 215 N Cache St, Jackson, WY