'Chellacation in This Desert Utopia: Ace Hotel & Swim Club, Palm Springs

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It’s almost that time of year! Coachella is just around the corner..

Ok, ok, I know it’s still Winter, but we all know you need ample time to plan your ‘chellacation. I am so excited to share my all time favorite place to party, ‘chella style, in Palm Springs… the Ace Hotel & Swim Club!

It’s obvious by now that erroguide is loyal to Ace Hotels, (we actually have no affiliation with them) as you’ll see in this Portland post, and this LA post. But the Ace Hotel & Swim Club is hands down the hottest Ace Hotel out there.

Hot weather, hot decor, and well, totally hot guests!

Basically, if you’re seen on the hotel premises with anything more than a bikini, you might get a few stares. The hotel is set up in a way that you’re encouraged to remain outside, and to spend as little time as possible inside. The rooms are lined with beds, canvas covered walls and concrete floors, the perfect spot to sleep, eat, rave and repeat. While camping at Coachella sounds fun and all, trust me, having a comfortable place to lay your head at night is worth the inflated prices for that glorious weekend in April.

Enjoy the blaring sunshine as you walk from your room to the lobby, bar or pool. You’ll likely find yourself exploring the outdoor premises as the buildings are decked in graffiti. Jenny Sharaf is the artist behind the pastel mural covering the Commune Wall, and her work is sprinkled throughout other parts of the hotel property. If you’re lucky enough to book a room Coachella weekend, you’ll also find secluded parties happening simultaneously around the property, braid bars, and pop-up shops with the latest boho styles.  

In true Ace Hotel fashion, they host parties and concerts throughout the year, but Coachella weekend is hands down the hottest pool party in Palm Springs. DJs and celebrities congregate at the pool to pre-game before heading to the festival each day, and the natural desert backdrop will have you second guessing whether or not you even want to make the trek to Indio.

After an incredibly exhausting day walking miles around and dancing your ass off to every kind of music under the sun, coming back to King’s Highway Diner for some late night munchies is stellar. The diner has this retro vibe, with stained windowpanes, leather booths and big bulb lights. The menu is everything you’d expect from a desert party.

The only thing you’re likely to miss out on during Coachella weekend is the spa. If you can front the bill, stay the week before Coachella and make a real Palm Springs trip of it.



There are a million of activities to partake in around Palm Springs, like Joshua Tree National Park, so don't get stuck on Coachella weekend because it's likely to be the only thing you'll see while you're there. 


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