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San Francisco feels like home. Oh wait… it is home!! For me at least. It’s one of those cities writers write about and poets have famous quotes about.

“It’s an odd thing, but anyone who disappears is said to be seen in San Francisco,” Oscar Wilde.

“San Francisco is the golden handcuff with the key thrown away,” John Steinbeck.

I might be bias but I personally think it has the best food and dining scene in the country. There are certainly more dog spas than people spas sprinkled throughout the city blocks. We think it’s more essential to be served wine than water at dinner, and our coffee culture is world-famous. Although it might rain every now and again, it seems to be sunny majority of the year, and when it’s not sunny we don’t leave the house.

San Francisco is picturesque with it’s infamous rolling hills surrounded by sandy beaches and the iconic Golden Gate Bridge. It’s proximity to Napa Valley, Los Angeles, Tahoe and Silicon Valley tech scene make it one of the most expensive cities in the country to live. However, the memories you create living here (or just visiting) are completely priceless.

The nightlife in San Francisco can’t compete with the likes of New York or Los Angeles, but it makes up for it in daytime activities. All of which can include booze if you so choose. From sailing the Bay, spending the day in Dolores Park or Baker Beach (if it’s warm enough), hiking in Marin to attending a music festival or the yearly Bay to Breakers, there is always something going on.

If you’re not a foodie, you’ll be one after visiting San Francisco, and if you’re not an athletic, yoga pants wearing, wine drinker who loves brunch you’ll be one after San Francisco gets its hands on you.

The only downside to San Francisco is nothing lasts forever. The rent prices for commercial properties skyrocket every few years forcing out our favorite restaurants and stores, but they’re always replaced by newer and better. So here is my guide as of May 2017, but I’m sure it’ll change again soon.

Until then… enjoy recommendations from a local.

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San Francisco practically founded the 'farm-to-table' movement, and many of the other food trends that have spread throughout the U.S over the past decade. Basically, we eat well. 

Which means there are a plethora of options in the city to fill your stomach with everything from Mexican burritos in the Mission district to fine-dining, Michelin style. 

Eat your heart away!



Saint Franks Coffee

Wrecking Ball Cafe


Andytown Coffee Roasters

Four Barrel

Reveille Coffee Co.

Sightglass Coffee

The Mill

Home SF

Joe & The Juice

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Wayfare Tavern

Tartine Manufactory 


China Live

Zuni Cafe



20th Century Cafe

Park Tavern

August 1 Five

Little Gem

Media Noche



Trick Dog 

The Riddler

Trou Normand 

ABV/ Overproof 


Bar Agricole

The Treasury





Union Larder

Stone’s Throw


Leo’s Oyster Bar

Central Kitchen

Petit Crenn





Del Popolo


The Perennial

Liholiho Yacht Club



There's plenty of wonderful tourist attractions to visit in San Francisco, from the notorious prison, Alcatraz Island, to sea lions in Fisherman's Wharf, and of course biking across the Golden Gate Bridge. 

But San Francisco is a design hub, it's what inspired me to start erroguide, and has some of the most famous designers in the world residing within its boarders. 

So, if you're a first timer, make sure to visit the tourist attractions. If you're looking for a more local experience, the attractions below will truly have you inspired to Travel By Design after your visit to San Francisco. 


Onsen Tea & Bath House


International Orange Spa

San Francisco MOMA