portland city guide


Quirky, grungy, artistic, weird, are all the words I've heard to describe Portland, but there's no denying the fact that this Northwestern city embraces creativity and self-expression in it's own unique way. 

For years Portland has been a hidden gem, with close proximity to Seattle and San Francisco, the rainy city has been able to hide in their shadows.. Until now. 

Growingly trendy, Portland has found itself with an unparalleled food scene, some of the country's best breweries (and may I say, strongest beers), and design-centric spaces. 

The city is divided by a river, but surrounded by peaks. Although it seems to rain more than shine, it's abundantly green, and oddly enough, still perfect for biking. 

This large little city feels diverse, with it's endless supply of street vendors serving up Indian and Thai food, but The Wall Street Journal recently reported it's one of the whitest cities in America. 

Regardless of when you visit, be forewarned you may never leave.. and if you do leave, you're likely to only go so far as the Columbia River Gorge, Mt. Hood, Cannon Beach, or one of the other breathtaking spots in Oregon. 



Ace Hotel Portland - This hotel accentuates Portland's finest qualities. Located in one of the trendiest neighborhoods, the Pearl District, the Ace Hotel is easily accessible from any part of the city. 

Other spots ... The Society Hotel and Hotel Eastlund are both fairly new and nearly as trendy as the Ace Hotel. 



Le Pigeon - Best Burger in Portland, and arguably the only edible Pigeon in Portland. Le Pigeon is bound to satisfy you, if not in taste, then in appearance. Sit at the countertop, and enjoy the culinary show, as you watch your dish being made from scratch. 

Happy hour spent at 10 Barrel Brewing Co. will not disappoint, unless of course you have more than one, then you may not remember your night at all...

The beer is strong, that's all I'm saying.

 image courtesy of Pine Street Market

image courtesy of Pine Street Market

Other spots ... Pine Street Market (photographed here) has an array of cheap, but tasty, eats. Pip's Original Doughnuts & Chai, for fresh made-to-order mini doughnuts.. yes, mini! Lastly, Lang Baan and Screen Door.




There is a plethora of hiking and waterfalls around Portland. The Multnomah Falls pictured here is one of the most popular, but there is also Latourell Falls, Shepperd's Dell and Bridal Veil Falls nearby. 

We did a super easy loop around Mount Tabor, as it seemed like a very Portland thing to do. The view was wonderful!

However, the most urban hike in Portland is the 4T loop which is great when you pick it up at the Oregon Zoo. You'll come across a trail, a tram, a trolley and even a train during the loop which boasts some of the best views in the city. Including, Council Crest Park, the highest point in Portland. 


Like many things in Portland, the Portland Design Museum has taken an unconventional approach. Rather than having a central hub, they've spread the museum out throughout the city. Their mission resonates with us well, design is a way of life and it should be sprinkled everywhere! 

The best part about Oregon is being outside, but take a stroll through the city to find locally made goods. The Pearl District has some of the best shops in town!