The Unconventional Winery We've All Been Waiting For: Scribe Winery, Sonoma

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Owned by brothers Andrew and Adam Mariani, who grew up on a walnut orchard in Winters, CA, Scribe Winery is far from ordinary. Perched on the edge of Sonoma County, and run almost entirely by people under the age of 35, the winery attracts young Bay Area locals in search of a different kind of wine country experience.

Forget commercially owned wineries with pretentious tasting rooms, ready to churn visitors as quickly as possible.  Scribe’s tastings are done outside on picnic tables overlooking the vineyards, and the host pouring the wine is sure to become a friend by the end of your visit.

The vibe, whether it be during their quarterly pickup party for wine club members, or during a tasting appointment is genuine and infectious.  It's the kind of spot where you'll hear music like Alt-J or Mumford & Sons while you catch some rays of sunshine. In an effort to portray the vibe, I’ve included a collection of photos and music from my various visits to the winery.


+Scribe has never hired interior designers. Everything from the furniture to the art on the walls has been collected and/or built by the Scribe family.

+The main house features gifts from friends of the winery, like the Turkish rug and deer’s head, while the chairs were picked up from the Alameda flea market. Nora Denker, Scribe Winery's Creative Director, assembled a collection of photography and prints that hang on the wall.

+In the tasting room there is a communal table that was made from reclaimed tongue-and-groove boards. The sliding barn door into the room displays an etching of Emile Dresel’s.

+Each vintage has a unique label, referencing the history of the winery with embossed D&CO.

+The hacienda has been a “labor of love for a core crew” of the Scribe team and will open at the end of this year (fingers crossed!).

+Aidlin Darling and Cello Madru have been working on interior architecture, construction and restoration of the hacienda.

(thanks to Nora and the Scribe family for helping me with these details!)



Ironically, the property was originally owned and built by German-immigrant brothers Emil and Julius Dresel. They lived in the 100-year-old hacienda that currently sits on the Scribe property, and in 1919 their house functioned as a speakeasy, while they grew and made wine during prohibition under the label D&CO (Dresel and Company). 


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✈ 2100 Denmark Street, Sonoma, CA