Coffee and Waffles Please! 3 Cafe's Not to Miss in Singapore

Stranger's Reunion

With a slogan of "let's make love, coffee, and magic" I knew I'd fit right into this cafe. Stranger's Reunion is an adorable hidden spot, that I didn't find very easy to walk to. Rather, I ended up Ubering from my hotel specifically to visit this gem. 

Who wouldn't want to drink coffee out of a bright cup like that?

Stranger's Reunion is a comfortable spot to work at while sipping on hot coffee, but they're known for their waffles. Which isn't surprising seeing as most all Cafe's in Singapore seem to specialize in waffles. 

But I'm not complaining. 



↟↟↟ design

↟↟↟ food

↟↟↟↟↟ hospitality

so, you say you want to go?...

☎ +65.6222.4869

✈ 35 Kampong Bahru Rd, Singapore

Other favorites... 

On The Table

Speaking of waffles.

On the Table is also Singaporean-waffle royalty. Full disclosure though, they are actually known for their crispy honey wings. Related to Lola's Cafe, On the Table is  larger and more open than their sister restaurant. This hotspot can get crowded during the day, so if you're looking to whip out the macbook while fueling yourself with caffeine, this next one might be just the spot you're looking for...

Common Man Coffee

Another common theme amongst Singapore's cafe scene, aside from waffles, are their lovely slogans. For instance, Common Man Coffee claims 'free coffee and doughtnuts for the unemployed'.

I'll take it!

Not your average all-white and airy coffee shop, Common Man Coffee puts a modern spin on your old-timey coffee shop. Bonus is that their coffee is darn good!

I love coffee that is smooth, not bitter, and well... common. It was delicious, and like most other cafe's in Singapore they serve a full menu. Of which I was unable to try at the time, let us know how it is though!

Habitat Coffee

Instagrammers unite! The perfect cafe to work, blog, Insta, and stay caffeinated! The all-white decor and bright blue coffee mugs make this place picturesque. If it's not too crowded it the perfect cafe to double down on some work. They serve a great light brunch, and plenty of pastries. The marble white tables will be the perfect backdrop to that insta-worthy meal. 

And guess what? ... They serve waffles (and they're scruptious!).