Well Worth the Wait: Outerlands, San Francisco

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If you’re familiar with Outerlands, you’ve heard of the hour long waits on the weekends, and if you haven’t heard of Outerlands, well then now you know.

The rumors are true, on a Saturday or Sunday you might wait for two (sometimes three) hours for brunch. Good news is, Yoni Levy the chef at Outerlands, is working swiftly to cut that wait time down.

Regardless, it is well worth the wait!

Go immediately for a bloody mary and a sticky bun or the glazed doughnut, if they haven't sold out of them yet. It’ll be the best thing you’ve ever tasted in your entire life, until of course you have the eggs-in-jail on their homemade levain toast.

As if the food weren’t enough of a reason to wait, the restaurant’s decor makes the dining experience even more special. The wood curves that roll through the ceiling are almost a metaphor for the culinary ride you’re about to take, or perhaps your proximity to Ocean Beach. While the kitchen is purposefully placed in the center of the restaurant, making it the focus of attention.

David Muller and Lana Porcello, the owners of Outerlands, are the masterminds behind the beautiful design. Check out the interview in William Sonoma’s Taste, where Muller and Porcello discuss their passion project turned successful business.

Or maybe read it while you’re in line for brunch.. ;)


Outerlands is situated in the Outer Sunset area of San Francisco. Also known as the coldest part of the city. Bring a jacket!



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