I'll Take Everything, but the Pigeon: Le Pigeon, Portland

the scoop

If you’re like me, pigeon is the last thing you’d order. Venturous eating is not my forte, nor was it the night I visited Le Pigeon in Portland. With deep regret, I must announce that I did not in fact order the pigeon dish. However, while the pigeon dish is amongst their most delicious dishes, it is certainly not the only tasty offering. 

Their menu changes from time to time, but the burger remains the same. James Beard Award winning Chef Gabriel Rucker, and creator of the infamous Le Pigeon Burger,  and Co-Owner and Wine Director, Andrew Fortgang, opened Le Pigeon in 2006. Nearly a decade later, the compact French-inspired restaurant, has ironically become more known for their "Best Burger in Portland" than for "Le Pigeon".

Regardless, the food is fantastic, but watching them make it is even more memorable. The kitchen is perfectly orchestrated, and surrounded by ten bar seats for guests to enjoy the show. If you're a first-timer at Le Pigeon, I'd highly suggest sitting at the bar. It's thrilling to watch them make every dish from scratch, and not miss beat.

The plates are designed to perfection, and frankly, it's pretty remarkable how four people can fit in such a petit kitchen without burning themselves! 

The restaurant can only fit a few guests at a time, but I think that's what makes the space so warm and inviting. With dark brown and copper tones lit up by candles, and floral drapes, your bound to feel like you're having a home cooked meal... sans pigeon, of course.  


Order the pigeon. 


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☎ 503.546.8796

✈ 738 E Burnside St, Portland, OR