National Doughnut Day, Everyday: Hole Doughnuts, Asheville

the scoop

This might seem like a drastic observation, but I, wholeheartedly, believe it to be true. The best doughnuts on the planet, are hidden in a little white building on Haywood Road in Asheville, North Carolina. 

You won't miss it because there is a bright blue doughnut truck sitting in the parking lot that says "doughtnuts coffee," the only two things you need in life. 

The doughnuts are like no other, literally! They're hand-shaped, and misshaped, crunchier on the outside, and fluffy on the inside. They're so adorable, you won't want to eat them..but you most certainly will!

They only come in four unique flavors, sesame seed, cocoa, glazed, and molasses bourbon, and they are made to order. 

Yes, made to order. 

That means when you visit, and you order one of each flavor (as I did), they come fresh out of the frier. Best of all, you can enjoy your hot cup of delicious coffee while you watch your doughnuts made right in front of you.

I think we all know where we'll be spending National Doughnut Day next June. 


Go early!! They run out of flavors, and you'll need to do yourself a favor, and try all four!


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✈ 168 Haywood Rd, Asheville, NC